National Black Child Development Institute Appoints Dr. Shauna D. A. Knox as its Senior Vice President

Silver Spring, MD, April 3, 2023 -- The National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Shauna D. A. Knox has joined its leadership team as Senior Vice President. In her new role, Dr. Knox will help shape, operationalize, and communicate NBCDI’s cross-departmental initiatives and coordinate the vision of the President and CEO, and the Board of Directors across the organization. Dr. Knox plays an active role on the senior leadership team, facilitating the design and evaluation of new operating systems, projects, and initiatives and providing support in securing resources for those and ongoing programmatic and operational needs.

Dr. Shauna Knox is a researcher, policy activist, philanthro-advocate, and thought leader in Black humanity by way of designated expertise in decolonizing and re-humanizing Black citizens of the Global South. Dr. Knox was previously appointed Chief of (Racial Equity) Strategy at Associated Black Charities, a public foundation committed to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States through research and practice. Prior to this role, she served a five-year tenure at the U.S. Department of Education, during which she received a Breakthrough Award for her work on the team leading the charge to upskill the Department following the eighth reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. She was also named the sole Subject Matter Expert for Human Trafficking and Child Labor Exploitation at the Department.

Dr. Knox has written two remarkable books, Engaging Currere Toward Decolonization: Negotiating Black Womanhood through Autobiographical Analysis. The second book is entitled: The Black Subaltern: An Intimate Witnessing.

Dr. Knox’s leadership is instrumental in NBCDI’s efforts to create an equitable and just future for Black children and families. “I envision a future in which every Black child can cultivate a deep sentiment of presence, self-belonging, and infinite possibility,” said Dr. Knox.

About National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI):
National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) is a leading research-based, nonprofit organization focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by Black children and families. It has been at the forefront of engaging leaders, policymakers, professionals, and parents around critical and timely issues directly impacting them. NBCDI is a trusted partner in developing and delivering strengths-based, culturally relevant, evidence-based, and trauma-informed resources that respond to Black children's unique strengths and needs around issues, including early childhood education, health and wellness, literacy, and family engagement.