NBCDI Launches Community of Practice Initiative to Take Action to End Disparities in Suspensions and Expulsions

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Black preschoolers are nearly four times more likely to receive one or more suspensions than white preschoolers.

Exclusionary discipline has no place in learning environments and such educational disparities not only set Black children up for failure, but for the "preschool-to-prison" pipeline. To address this systemic issue, in 2017, the National Black Child Development Institute announced a partnership with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to launch a national campaign to end the "preschool-to-prison" pipeline. The "Delivering on the Promise" Initiative is designed to ensure that Black children truly benefit from early childhood education (ECE) programs by: 1) promoting inclusive early learning environments; and 2) ending harsh disciplinary practices that exclude them.

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Through the partnership, the National Black Child Development Institute supports practitioners and advocates seeking to eliminate suspensions and expulsions and implement positive discipline practices to ensure that young Black children have access to early learning settings that are supportive and affirming.

As 2018 begins, NBCDI has launched our Community of Practice that engages researchers, elected officials, advocacy groups, activists, media influencers, parents, school districts, clergy, and community leaders across the country to develop action steps, policy recommendations, and community engagement/partnership practices to inform and provide leaders with the tools necessary to end the discriminatory practice of suspensions and expulsions.

NBCDI and communities of practice across the country will engage in programmatic work and advocacy initiatives over the next two years to implement innovative strategies at the program and system levels to address the suspensions and expulsions crises in early childhood education that disproportionately impact Black children and create real change for our children.

Register here to get involved in our Community of Practice.

Listen to our launch webinar here for more details on NBCDI’s “Delivering on the Promise” Initiative.