Stop the Madness: Purging the Preschool to Prison Pipeline

Read and share the National Black Child Development Institute's digital collection of commentaries from national experts and civil rights activists. This toolkit is designed to support our National Affiliate Network in addressing the issue of disproportionate suspensions and expulsions of Black children.

Removing Barriers to Opportunity: Eliminating Preschool Suspensions
By David Johns
David Johns highlights the severity of suspensions in preschools for young Black children and calls on all community members to take action to address this issue as a barrier to education and opportunity for young children. Read the commentary here.
Positive Practices to Support children's Mental Health 
By Cindra Taylor
Early Learning Administrator and President of BCDI-Atlanta Cindra Taylor describes early interventions and treatment for mental and behavioral issues that her centers have implemented to support children and their families and give young children the coping and management skills they need to succeed. Read the commentary here.
Through the Lens of Culture: Envisioning Effective, Powerful Partnerships Between Black Families and Early Childhood Programs 
By Dr. Aisha Ray
Professor Aisha Ray's essay on effectively engaging Black families presents strategies that early care and education programs can use to support the whole family and achieve positive outcomes for children. Read the commentary here.
Trauma Teaching Trauma: How Dysfunction Facilitates the Preschool to Prison Pipeline
By Reggie Broddie
Concerned Black Men CEO Reggie Broddie calls attention to addressing the mindset and mental health of teachers as well as students. Read the commentary here.
What's Wrong With Criminalizing Our Early Learners? 
By Harold Jordan
Harold Jordon highlights actions that state legislators, city councils, and school districts are taking to reduce or eliminate suspension and expulsion in early childhood and address racial disparities. Read the commentary here.
Taking Action to Purge the Pipeline in Colorado
By Cassandra Johnson
BCDI Denver president describes the Affiliates' commitment and actions taken to address the issue of suspension and expulsion in Colorado, while reflecting on her personal struggles with the unfair, harsh discipline she's seen her son face. Read the commentary here.
A School Cop's Treatment of a Student and the Criminalization of Black Girls 
By Jennifer Farmer
The harsh disciplinary tactics disproportionately used on Black young children escalates to over-policing as they progress through the education system. Jennifer Farmer highlights how this is especially common for Black girls. Read the commentary here.