Voting Makes an Impact!

Every election, whether it's a national, state, or local election, is important. It is equally important for parents to teach their children that voting is one of many ways they can make an impact in their community. The best way to teach your child about the power of voting is to show them. Take your kids with you when you go to vote. Let them stand beside you as you make your choice and make your voice heard. 

As parents, we do many things to support our children's success in school and in life.   

  • We read, talk and sing to our children.
  • We help them make positive decisions and resolve conflicts.
  • We help them make healthy food choices. 

Voting is a critical way to positively impact your children's future! 

Do you have a voting plan?

Here are the three pieces of information you'll need to create a voting plan:

  • What time of day will you be voting?
  • What ID do you need to vote in your state?
  • How will you get to your polling location?

Have your kids help you finalize a plan. Most polling locations open before school starts, you can take your children with you to the polls! 

Voting is a civic duty!

Parents often go above and beyond to protect and safeguard their children.

  • Putting kids in car seats.
  • Ensuring access to high-quality early care.
  • Feeding kids nutritious meals.

Voting is another way to positively impact your children's future. 

Voting is one way you, your neighbors, family and friends can advocate for your community. You do so much day to day to build and strengthen your neighborhood. Voting, in state and local elections, is particularly important for education issues, and can make a big impact and ensure the success of your community. Remind your family and friends about the importance of voting and take a neighbor with you to your polling location!  

Each one, reach one, November 4, VOTE!  If your state offers early voting, cast your vote before Election Day! You can find more information about early voting here.