Historic investments proposed for our children!

This is a very exciting time in the world of early childhood education, with the President proposing over $75 billion in meaningful investments for our youngest children.  Please keep reading to see highlights of the plan; our full statement for more information; and steps you can take to help make these proposed investments a reality!  

Although the aspect of the initiative getting the most attention is a new PreK plan, "Preschool for All" actually encompasses programs that are critical for children's positive growth and development beginning at birth.  Here are some key highlights of the full plan:

  • Expanded voluntary home visiting programs (additional $11 billion over the next 10 years).
  • New partnerships between Early Head Start and child care programs to create a greater supply of high-quality early care and development for children birth through age three ($1.4 billion in 2014)
  • A new federal-state funding partnership to give all children in low- and moderate-income families access to high-quality prekindergarten programs ($66 billion over the next 10 years, funded through a cigarette tax)
  • Preschool Development Grants ($750 million in competitive, discretionary funds) to help states get their systems ready to provide high-quality preK

In addition, the President's plan would replace the sequester cuts and provide increases for Head Start, child care, Part C and Promise Neighborhoods.  

The FIRST THING YOU CAN DO is join other individuals and organizations in THANKING PRESIDENT OBAMA for offering a comprehensive early childhood plan that makes a real investment in our children and families.  Email lhogan@nbcdi.org with your thanks.  We will be working with other national organizations to combine our notes with others from across the United States.  Notes are due by FRIDAY, APRIL 26.  Let's show our support!!