BCDI-Mid Hudson in the Community

BCDI-Mid-Hudson is working to improve the quality of life for Black children and families by implementing the following programs and events:

Rose is Still a Rose program designed to prepare 5th grade girls for the transition from elementary school to middle school.  The program has partnered with the American Girl store where we utilized their book for our curriculum. The program started in 1997 and continues until today.

Salute to Young Male is a program designed to recognize junior and senior male students for their community, church and school at an award program.  The program started in 2010.

Annual start of school year ice cream and pizza social to prepare our area youth for a good academic school year.  Parents and children enjoy an evening of academic fun and receive book bags and school supplies.

Annual end of school year ice cream and pizza social to celebrate the academic success of all students.  Food coupon and books are given to all students to encourage healthy eating and reading during the summer.

Partnership with the Friends of the Poughkeepsie Public Library District to encourage parents and children to get a library card into to bridge the 30 Million word gap

Partnership with Astor Center for Children and Families to assist them with their education program through the First Book initiative.

Annual Parent Education Conference to inform parents on the yearly changing in education on the state and federal level.

Partnership with Bethel Missionary Baptist Church to distribute books from First Books to local churches.