Infants & Toddlers

Northside Achievement Zone

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) Promise Neighborhood operates as one integrated program that works across many partner organizations and schools, with NAZ scholars at the center. Families and children move through a “cradle to career” pipeline, allowing NAZ staff and their partners to provide comprehensive support services through three pillars of impact: Family Engagement and Opportunity Alignment, Education Pipeline, and Whole Family Wrap Around Support. The purpose of Northside Achievement Zone is to end multigenerational poverty in North Minneapolis.

Flamboyan Foundation Family Engagement Partnership

Flamboyan Foundation aims to transform the way families and educators work together on behalf of students. Although family members can be involved in their child’s education in various ways—from fundraising for their child’s school to checking their child’s homework—research suggests specific roles matter most for student achievement:

  1.  Having high expectations and reinforcing the value of education with their child

  2.  Monitoring their child’s performance and holding their child accountable

Border Crossers

Border Crossers equips educators to be leaders of racial justice in their schools and communities. We are a national education equity nonprofit dedicated to closing the achievement gap by training educators in how to explore race and racism with elementary school students. We believe that if educators are prepared to have meaningful conversations about diversity, students will be better equipped to interrupt patterns of inequality and injustice in their own lives and thrive in a multicultural society.