Join NBCDI for National Black Child

Development Week!

June 9th -14th, 2024

Check out the information below and watch videos from our 2024 NBCDW !

Sunday, June 9th
Children’s Day!
Special messages from faith leaders across the nation supporting Black children.
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Monday, June 10th
The Eight Essential Outcomes
Learn from Black children and families as they share their dreams and aspirations linked to NBCDI’s Eight Essential Outcomes.
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Tuesday, June 11th
Embracing Children as Children
Narrative and Representation Outcomes
Witness activities from NBCDI’s National Network across the Nation!
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Wednesday, June 12th
Health & Wellbeing
Clean Air and Water, Nutrition and Health Outcomes
Hear what Black children say about nutrition and the importance of cleaner air and water.
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Thursday, June 13th
Affirming Environments
Affirming Schools, Safe Community, and Digital Safety Outcomes
Listen to Black parents’ perspectives on safer environments in both physical and digital spaces.
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Friday, June 14th
Celebrate Black children!
Hear from the NBCDI Staff and Leadership about what the organization’s future holds and what we dream of for Black children!
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             National Black Child Development Week!


Virtual Learning Series!

  • January Virtual Learning Series – “Centering Our Children: Shifting Narratives for a Child-Focused Future”: Click Here
  • March Virtual Learning Series – “Creating Healthier Futures: Prioritizing Black Children’s Health and Nutrition Pre-birth and Beyond”: Click Here


Our Partnerships!

  • Harvard University’s “Health Childhood In a Changing Climate” panel discussion: Click Here
  • NBCDI partnership with Google – “Promoting Black Joy through Fun & Safe Digital Engagement”: Click Here
  • NBCDI partnership with Google Play Store – NBCDI Approved Apps: Click Here
  • NBCDI partnership with YouTube – “I’m Safe, I’m Healthy, I’m Loved Playlist”:  Click Here


Our Affiliate Network!



  • Public Voices Fellowship – Op-Ed, “DEI is Imperative to Protecting the Path for Black Male Educators”: Click Here
  • Public Voices Fellowship, Op-Ed – “Community-Based Solutions Can Prevent More Black Women From Dying in Childbirth”: Click Here
  • “Dirty Water – How Environmental Racism Impacts Black Children and Families”: Click Here
  • Early Learning Nation – “What Are You Thankful For?”: Click Here



National Black Child Development Week