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The Price of Black Lives

The Price of Black Lives
Published in the Michigan Chronicle
Dimitrius M. Hutcherson @dmhutch1 & Tobeka G. Green @Tobeka Green 
On the heels of Black History Month with its stories, documentaries and reminders of the rich legacy of Black Americans, we were also reminded of some of the unfortunate tribulations from which such resilience, creativity, intelligence and activism were born. A people, shackled. En-slaved. Un-and miseducated. Abused. Tested and experimented upon. Yet—we rose. 

Tools and Resources from National Black Child Development Week

National Black Child Development Week (NBCDW) raises community awareness about important issues impacting Black children and families. The goal of NBCDW 2016 - themed "A Week of Action" - was to educate, empower, organize and mobilize our community to advocate for Black children and families.